Sailing Club
 This area is editable and you can use it to promote your products, services and facilities

This area is editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what makes you that little bit special - your Unique Selling Points.
It also allows you to share any customer testimonials you have from your customers:
Sample Text: 
"We love Sail Club - its facilities are second to none and their rentals are excellent. The team are also friendly did everything they could to make sure we were well looked after and had a great experience."
Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand…as if you were talking to your customers.

 You should also consider adding key information such as: 
- Locallity 
- Your policies
- Your credentials
- Any additional services you offer 
You might also want to use this space to intruduce key members of your team, what they do and what experience and qualifications they have.   
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